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I wanted to tell stories for women, for 16-year-old girls, and I think that you have to start with yourself. You have to say, “Hey, I’ve got bloody knees and bruised elbows, and I’m kind of a strange-looking woman in the morning.”

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Did I hit you?

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“The thing I’m most excited about is women in comedy being such a normal thing that no one’s surprised by it anymore. And, I feel like we’re way past needing to prove that that can be done. Obviously, in the last few years, there have been movies and TV shows that have shown that they can also be commercially successful.” (x)

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Jessica Chastain photographed by Peter Hapak

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"You’ve got six people in a fountain at 4:00 in the morning, who are about to embark on a journey, and they just have no idea what’s in store for them.”Matthew Perry

—- September 22nd, 1994 —-

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endless list of movies ▶ O B V I O U S   C H I L D (2014)
     ”I remember seeing a condom; I just don’t know exactly what it did.”

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